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Skin Treatments

Venus Glow - Ultimate Facial Renewal Treatment


The Venus Glow™ with Serums treatment harnesses the power of nature through an advanced ingredient profile, combined with innovative serum delivery technology to provide patients with superior pore cleansing and dermal renewal. The Venus Glow™ device works with one lightweight applicator that uses a tri-modality dermal system consisting of an adjustable vacuum, 360-degree rotating tip, and two ultra-fine powerful jet streams infusing specially formulated Glow Serums onto the skin.

The vacuum gently pulls the skin to open up pores by removing impurities from the stratum corneum. While the skin is being pulled upward, the tip spins 360-degrees to evenly spread the preferred Glow Serum that the fine jet streams strongly expel. The vacuum increases
local micro-blood circulation while the spinning tip micro-massages the skin to increase the spread of nutrients released from the bloodstream.

Each jet stream is finer than an average strand of hair. It measures only 70 microns, which is smaller than the average pore size, enabling the Glow Serums to reach into the depth of the pore, and promotes enhanced absorption of the nutrients.

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Our Medical grade chemical peel solutions are uniquely blended formulations to address particular skin issues. Peels are designed to accelerate exfoliation utilising AHAs and BHAs, and a rich array of clinically proven antioxidants and moisturising agents. Each peel is designed to address specific skin conditions.

Professional peel treatments will gently and effectiveley remove dull surface skin, resulting in smoother texture, with enhanced clarity and luminosity. Best results achieved with a series of 3-6 peels at 2 - 4 week intervals. 

Can be used alone or combined with other treatments.

Includes facial, peel and serum.


  • Accelerates skin exfoliation

  • Smooths skin texture

  • Clears congested and oily skin

  • Improves skin clarity

  • Lightens pigmentation

  • Promotes skin health

Choose from:

Plump and Restore:  Utilising the revitalising benefits of mulberry, pomegranate, hyaluronic acid and viamin B3 to hydrate and rejuvenate dehydrated, sensitive and lack lustre skin

Deep and Meaningful:  Enriched with potent botanical extracts mulberry and arbutin, and anti aging vitamins A and B3 to brighten and soothe aged, sun damaged, pigmented skin

Complextion Perfection:  Advanced medi peel with potent botanical extracts and antioxidants to fight free radicals and provide anti inflammatory, antibacterial and calming properties.

For oily, acne prone, sun damaged skin. Your skin therapist will determine if this peel is suitable for your skin. 

MediPeel & Serum $165

Enzyme Exfoliation 


Our unique Enzyme Exfoliation harnesses the power of Papaya, Pumpkin, Raspberry, Pineapple, Goji berry and Wild mint.

Suitable for a wide variety of skin types, the unique formulation of powerful plant based Enzymes help break down keratin bonds in the uppermost layers of the skin, increasing cellular renewal, resulting in smoother, softer, healthier, more penetrable skin.

Perfect 'pre event' to achieve immediate , fresh, refined and a healthy looking complexion with minimal, to no down time.


  • Multi-action Enzyme

  • Increases cellular renewal

  • Gentle on abrasive exfoliant

  • Rich in Anti-oxidants

  • Anti-ageing

  • Antibacterial

  • Increases superfical skin circulation

  • Instant radiance

  • Maintains clear, refined and refreshed complexion

Enzyme Treatment $165

Dual Peptide Sheet Mask 


Our Dual Peptide Sheet Mask combines two effective peptides to hydrate, repair and plump skin. Argireline Peptide (acetyl hexapeptide-8) has muscle relaxing properties which work to reduce the degree of fine lines and wrinkles while Collagen Peptide (tripeptide-29) works synergistically with other ingredients for wound repair and instant plumping. We've formulated this cosmeceutical sheet mask to assist in building new collagen production whilst reducing fine lines and hydrating deeply.


  • Extremely hydrating

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Muscle relaxing

  • Skin repairing

  • Skin plumping


Add on to another treatment $45

Take home and apply at your leisure $35

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